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Licence conversion - ICAO to Canadian

The conversion of a licence from an ICAO country member to a canadian Private Pilot one is quite straightforward. Here are the steps:

  • Make sure to comply with the required Transport Canada minima according to (RAC 421.26), including the 5h instrument flight time
  • Detail the inventory of your flight hours: Double / Solo / PIC / instruments / cross-country / day / night / mono / multi
  • Get your hours certified all flight hours by a Certified Flight Instructor (the signing AND rubberstamped by the flight school) and make sure to identify the contents of each flight
  • For the 150 NM cross-country navigation, make a copy on a map of the route with two en-route stops along with a copy of the logbook page identifying airports and the logged flight time.
  • Pass a little exam, called PSTAR based on Canadian air regulations
  • Pass a medical examination by a Transport Canada-approved doctor, see the list on page "Student pilot";

You may get a copy of the exam on the following link: PSTAR(TP11919). Call or contact us by email...

To complete the conversion of a professional licence and an IFR rating from an ICAO member-country, the logged flight time is recognized but candidates are still required to pass a written exam and an in-flight test after having converted their private licence as described above.

For other ratings, such as night flight, multi-engine or seaplane, the flight time will be recognized if you meet the Transport Canada-required minima, see the Canadian Aviation Regulations - RAC (Part IV).

For people wishing to start their ground school or to train for the PSTAR exam and be ready right at their arrival, you may learn the AIM and the RAC.

Should you have any question, feel free to contact Éric Raissac. We can meet you in one of our offices in St-Hubert or St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu.

Welcoming service for foreign candidates

  • Pre-opening of a bank account
  • Searching an apartment based on your preferences
  • Searching a rental car or a pre-owned vehicle for a long term stay in Canada
  • Opening of a school account for easy terms
  • Flight material available on the premises

Student visa, permit for a stay longer than 6 months

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